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Congratulations to all Xtreme teams for another fantastic year!

2013 - 2014 WEVA Final Rankings for the Xtreme Teams in our region:

Team / Age / Rank / Total Teams

Inferno 18's - 6 of 20

Xplosion 17's - 2 of 20

Torch 17's - 6 of 20

Heat 16's - 3 of 37

Blast 16's -  7 of 37

Wildfire 15's -  5 of 22

Flare 14's - 3 of 29

Blaze 14's - 21 of 28


We would like to recognize a few graduating seniors:

  • Xtreme Scholar Athlete Award goes to Celeste Hartsough from Victor. Celeste will be attending Roberts Wesleyan College this fall.
  • Xtreme Coaches Scholarship Award goes to Naomi Prentice from York. Naomi will be attending Houghton College this fall.
  • Xtreme Career Achievement Award goes to Abby Saville from Pavilion. Abby will be attending Lemoyne College this fall.

We would also like to recognize all graduating seniors who have completed their high school careers with Xtreme:

  • Abby Saville OH - From Pavilion, Playing: LeMoyne
  • Lauren Cuzzupoli MB/RS - From Spencerport, Playing: uncommitted
  • Carly Lydon OH - From Churchville-Chili, Playing: uncommitted
  • Jane Garrity MB - From Victor, Playing: SUNY Fredonia
  • Jessica Carder OH - From Gananda, Playing: uncommitted
  • Rachel DeHond MB/RS - From Churchville-Chili, Playing: uncommitted
  • Hanna Gira DS/S - From Brockport, Playing: University of Rochester
  • Naomi Prentice MB - From York, Playing: Houghton College
  • Aubrey Totsline S - From Fairport, Playing: Alfred University
  • Celeste Hartsough RS/MB - From Victor, Playing: Roberts Wesleyan
  • Katie Balonek Opp - From Cal-Mum, Playing: Genesee Community College
  • Jess Long OH - From Webster Thomas, Playing: Oswego State
  • Abby Leaty MB - From Wayne Central, Playing: St. John Fisher College

Thank you to all Xtreme players and Families. We hope you have a great summer!




Team practice sites and times:

18-1 Wed. Bloomfield HS, Fri. Hotshots 7:30-9:30pm, Sun. Bloomfield HS 12-2pm

18-2 Wed. Bloomfield HS 7:30-9:30pm, Sun. Bloomfield 2-4pm

17-1 Wed. Hot Shots 7:30-9:30pm, Sun. Bloomfield 12-2pm

16-1 Wed. Elim, 7-9pm, Sun. Bloomfield 12-2pm

16-2 Wed. Elim 7-9pm, Sun. Bloomfield 2-4pm

15-1 Wed. Bloomfield HS 7:30-9:30pm, Sun. Bloomfield HS 2-4pm

15-2 Thur. Elim 7-9pm, Sun. Bloomfield 4-6pm

14-1 Wed. Hot Shots 7:30-9:30pm, Churchville HS 12-2pm






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