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2015 WEVA Club Rankings for Xtreme Teams:

18-1 Inferno: 3rd Overall

18-2 Fusion: 8th Overall

17-1 Xplosion: 4th Overall

16-1 Heat: 6th Overall

16-2 Blast: 8th Overall

15-1 Wildfire: 4th Overall

15-2 Flame: 9th Overall

14-1 Flare: 3rd Overall

Congratulations to All Xtreme Players on Another Successful Club Season!

Here are our standings from the Happy Volley Tournament:

18-1 Inferno: 5th/7 Open

18-2 Fusion: 13th/26 Club

17-1 Xplosion: 10th/22 Open

16-1 Heat: 3rd/70 Club

16-2 Blast: 5th/70 Club

15-1 Wildfire: 1st/62 Club

15-2 Flame: 45th/62 Club

14-1 Flare: 17th/25 Club





Welcome to the Xtreme Home Page!

The Xtreme Picnic will be held at:

The Burgundy Basin Inn

1361 Marsh Road

Pittsford, NY 14534

Sunday, May 31st


Noon till ???

Rain or Shine!






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