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    Xtreme Announces 18s Teams

    10/02/2016, 9:00pm EDT
    By mes

    Congratulations 18s Teams!

    Xtreme Volleyball is proud to announce our 2016-2017 18s teams:

    18 Inferno

    Coached by Julia Coryell, Joe Hernandez, and Josh Hieb

    This group of girls is very talented; we have a lot of flexibility and potential. I'm excited to see where the season takes us. 

    Alison Meyers (Geneseo)
    Camryn Smeatin (Canandaigua)
    Courtney Burda  (Fairport)
    Courtney Hannel (Victor)
    Hannah Krautwurst (Bishop Kearney)
    Harmony Brookins (Eastridge)
    Jenna Prewasnicak  (Churchville Chili)
    Kara Kingsbury (Cal-Mum)
    Lydia Milligan (Pavilion)
    Lynn Phelps (Webster Thomas)

    Sarah Raeman (Canandaigua)


    18 Fusion

    Coached by Laura Edwards, Matt May and Abby Sitterley

    This group of girls is full of potential and from a variety of schools.  I am very excited to see how we progress as the season goes!

    Anna Eichhorn (Avon)
    Dana Damiani (Churchville Chili)
    Emma Galusha (Pittsford Mendon)
    Grace Bartle (Bloomfield)
    Hope Didas (Dansville)
    Kaitlin Cheyne (Pittsford Mendon)
    Katie Smith (Harley)
    Kierstin Hammond (Pal Mac)
    Lia Bonzo (Victor)
    Lindsay Johnson (Rush-Henrietta)
    Savannah Berry (Livonia)


    Congratulations to all of these talented athletes!

    Xtreme Announces 17 National Team

    10/02/2016, 8:45pm EDT
    By mes

    Strong 17 National Team

    Xtreme is pleased to announce our 17 Xplosion team for 2016-2017.

    17 Xplosion

    Coached by Mark Robinson, Craig Sutherland and Kathy Robinson

    Xplosion will be a talented team that should excel in the 17s age group and will play in several 18's tournaments this season.

    Andrea Coyle (Caledonia )
    Emily Leone (Leroy)
    Emily Wunder (Penn Yan)
    Hanna Schenkel (Webster Thomas)
    Jessica Steinorth (Webster Schroeder)
    Kristen Bednarczyk (Fairport)
    Madison Elam (Churchville Chili)
    Makenzie Bills (Victor)
    Nichole Maliwauki (Victor)
    Samantha Ritter (Fairport)


    Congratulations ladies!

    Xtreme Announces 16s and 15s Teams

    10/02/2016, 8:30pm EDT
    By mes

    Multitalented 16s and 15s

    Xtreme is happy to announce our 16s and 15s teams for the 2016-2017 season:

    16 Heat

    Coached by Dave Hosenfeld and Jennifer Pearson

    We have a great combination of returning and new talent for our 16-1s this year, and I expect they will be a high energy and enthusiastic team this season.

    Emma Platten (Canandaigua)
    Hailey McCue (Hilton)
    Isabella Orologio (Churchville Chili)
    Josianne Keenan (Fairport)
    Lindsey Michaud (Pittsford Sutherland )
    Meghan Johnsson (Fairport)
    Meredith Conklin (Bloomfield)
    Olivia Tucker (Brighton)
    Rachel Chapman (Churchville Chili)
    Sydnie Brown (Churchville Chili)


    15 Wildfire

    Coached by Trish Ziebarth, Cherisse Lambiase and Elaina Foley

    We are looking forward to the wonderful season with these volleyball enthusiasts. We see these girls working together very well, creating a great team bond on and off the court, that will lead to many wins in both.

    Abby Hannel (Victor)
    Ava Hubbard (Avon)
    Avery Elam (Churchville Chili)
    Emma Sipos (Canandaigua)
    Jenna Pantano  (Hilton)
    Kayla Fetcie  (Victor)
    Kelly Taylor (Honeoye Falls-Lima)
    Maria Crane (Avon)
    Megan McCann (Victor)
    Natalie Peacock (Fairport)


    Congratulations to all these wonderful young athletes!


    Xtreme Announces 14s Team

    10/02/2016, 7:00pm EDT
    By mes

    Enthusiasm Defines Our 14s Team

    Xtreme is excited to announce our 14s Team for the 2016-2017 season:

    14 Flare

    Coached by Jess Shaffer, Jessica Nava, and Chris Parobek

    We are very excited to work with such an energetic group of girls! They have a lot of potential and we look forward to developing their skills.

    Brianna Jackson (Victor)
    Caitlin Wunder (Penn Yan)
    Emily Nava (Canandaigua)
    Jaiden Purcell  (Bloomfield)
    Jordan Ragsdale (Hilton)
    Julia Polino (Fairport)
    Livvy Turturro (Martha Brown)
    Morgan Vidal (Pittsford)
    Nicole Cavallaro (Hilton)
    Riley Wood (Leroy)
    Sophia Orologio (Churchville Chili)


    Congratulations and good luck to all!


    Team Registration Now Available!

    10/01/2016, 6:45am EDT
    By Webmaster

    Team Registration

    Team Registration is now available. Begin by selecting the team registration link, then follow the prompts.  Please have your insurance and payment info ready.  Team Registration and payment of the first installment is required prior to the Xtreme Fair and first day of practice.

    [Note: If you have not already created an account on our site, you will need to do that prior to enrolling your daughter.]

    Ready to kick off the season?

    10/01/2016, 6:45am EDT
    By Webmaster

    Xtreme Fair


    Can you believe the club season is already upon us?  The Xtreme Fair will be on Sunday November 6th from 12PM and go to 3PM at the Bloomfield High School. We hope you all are having a great High School season and wish you all luck in sectionals.

    If you haven't registered your daughter on the website please do so ASAP.  We need everyone registered by 11/5.

    The Xtreme Fair is a club and team building event. This is a great event where teams will come together and work as a team in various tasks and we celebrate Xtreme as a whole.  We hope to see you there!

    Xtreme Scholarship Winners

    06/06/2016, 4:45pm EDT
    By mes

    Scholarship Winners Announced

    Xtreme would like to congratulate the following seniors as winners of our Xtreme scholarships:

    Megan Sutherland - Patricia Claus Scholar Athlete Award

    Lindsey Hannel - Xtreme Volleyball Coaches Choice Award

    Sarah Huzyk - Xtreme Volleyball Career Achievement Award


    Celebrating Our Graduating Seniors

    06/05/2016, 4:45pm EDT
    By mes

    Xtreme Senior Day

    On May 22, Xtreme held its first ever Senior Day - a day where we recognized all of our graduating seniors as they prepared to move on to the next phase of their lives.

    We appreciate the time they have spent with us, whether for two years or ten, and we wish them all well in their future endeavors. Many will be continuing to play volleyball for a variety of different colleges, and others have chosen to focus their volleyball passions into college club volleyball or league play, leaving more time and energy to devote to their studies.

    We wish them all the best, and we hope they will come back at least to visit, and maybe some even to coach, if their paths lead them back our way in the future.

    Congratulations Seniors!