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Tryouts for the 2017-2018 Season have ended.  Please sign up for our mailing list, facebook or twitter to stay up to date with Xtreme VBC news and dates.  Links can be found on our homepage.  Thanks!

2017-2018 Season Tryout Information


Teams: 15's, 16's, 17's & 18's

When: Sunday, September 10th & 17th

Time:  1:30pm - 4:00pm

Where: Pinnacle Athletic Campus; Victor, NY

Cost:  $40



Teams: 12's, 13's & 14's

When: Sunday, October 8th & 15th

Time:  1:30pm - 4:00pm

Where: Pinnacle Athletic Campus; Victor, NY

Cost:  $40



Tryout Location for all Age groups

Please use the USA Volleyball Age Chart to verify your correct age group for tryouts!  ALL PLAYERS must tryout at their USA Volleyball age unless Xtreme Volleyball staff asks you to attend an alternate age group.

Complete the 2017-2018 Xtreme Tryout Registration by following the link below.  

  • Please fill out completely; contact info entered here will be used when offering spots on our teams and for future club communications.
  • We also use this online registration to collect your USA Volleyball Medical Release form.
  • Tryout fee of $40 is due at time of registration.

The Registration "Tryouts" is not currently available.

You must be a member of WEVA to participate in tryouts.

  • Current WEVA members can follow the link below to confirm their expiration date and print your membership card.
  • New WEVA members can follow the link below to register starting September 1st.
  • WEVA registration is $62(full membership) or $15 tryout-only fee, paid at time of registration/renewal.
  • WEVA membership is transferable to or from any other club in the region.
  • If you are trying out for multiple clubs, you must select “undecided”.
  • If using the “tryout only,” the difference of $47 must be paid for full membership once you accept a spot on a team.

Please bring the following to tryouts.

If Pre-registered -

  • Current WEVA membership card.

Walk-ins -

  • Current WEVA membership card.
  • Tryout fee of $40 (cash or check)
  • Insurance card
  • Copy of 2017-2018 USA Volleyball medical release or we can have you complete one onsite.
  • Please allow enough time to complete registration process.

Selections based on the following criteria:


Performance during game situations


Skills demonstrated during passing, setting, serving, hitting and blocking


Competitive Attitude


Athletic Potential


Athletic Ability


Tips for Club Volleyball Tryouts

  1. Do your Research - Clubs vary widely in cost, schedule, location, time commitment, travel, quality of the coach training, ranking and their overall philosophy which may impact things like playing time. Check website and call them ahead of tryouts. Attend open houses and ask questions.

  2. Be Prepared! - Make sure you have your shoes, socks, knee pads, a water bottle, and anything you will need. If you’re not sure what to bring, call someone who does know BEFORE tryouts begin. Get some rest the night before and have a good breakfast.

  3. “If you’re early, you’re on time – if you’re on time, you’re late.” - Think about always arriving at the gym at least 15-20 minutes before the tryout (or practice) is scheduled to begin. Get your shoes on, be helpful and lend a hand in setting the up nets, and start getting warm before the coach blows the whistle. 

  4. Always give your best effort – You may not always be the best player on the court, but that’s ok. Hustle always, never be caught walking somewhere. Players are selected not simply based on their current volleyball skills - You’ll be surprised at how far a strong work ethic will take you. 

  5. Listen to the tryout coaches! - They may not teach the same way that your other coaches do – that’s ok! Keep an open mind, and do what the coach is asking you to do even if it feels awkward! Sometimes in the tryout, the coaches will give instructions and demonstrate techniques to see how well the players are able to pick up the information that is being taught. Demonstrate that you are “COACHABLE!”

  6. Be a team player! - Keep in mind that coaches are not just looking at your individual ability to play. Volleyball is a teamsport. Your ability to communicate with coaches and players, work with your teammates, and make those around you better are all critical factors as well and will be watched during the simulated game drills.

  7. Take care of the paperwork! - Make sure to follow the instructions which may differ from club to club.  Some require you to register on line in advance. (At Xtreme VBC, we recommend you register online in advance and pre-pay the tryout fee). This saves time on tryout day, allowing you to focus on playing your best.

  8. Be There! - In order for the coaches to see your ability you have to be there. Make sure you have nothing scheduled during tryout/practice times. When you tryout for a team you’re making a commitment that should be taken seriously. Let the club know ahead of time if you will be late. Club tryout times may overlap. All club directors keep in contact with one another. They can make arrangements to fit in both tryouts with advanced communication.  

  9. HAVE FUN! - Keep a positive attitude and enjoy your experience. While volleyball is a competitive sport, we wouldn’t play if it weren’t fun. Don’t let little mistakes drag you down. Coaches are looking for players that are able to maintain a great positive attitude. 

  10. Don’t Get Discouraged - Go to your first choice club on their first tryout if at all possible. Let them know if you can’t. But if you don’t get an offer from your first choice, make sure to try to attend a variety of club tryouts. The goal of the region is to provide as many opportunities as possible. And if you don’t make a club team this time around, all is not lost. Even after initial tryouts, contact clubs because they may have make-ups or late openings even during the season due to injuries. Find all the contact info for all the clubs at Also look for volleyball opportunities at clinics, camps, community centers and Boys & Girls clubs.